Training causes for GAP trainer and on-site guidance

JTraining causes and Guidance for JGAP

We provide training causes and guidance for JGAP, that is de facto standards for GAP in Japan



JGAP Training courses

■Entrée level

・JGAP trainer training basic course

2days course that is best suited for leaner level (GAP beginners)

■Intermediate level

・JGAP trainer in-field training course

1day course  visiting and training at a JGAP certified farm

・JGAP internal auditor training course (GAP local leader training course)

2days course that to learn a group management of JGAP

■Advance level

・JGAP auditor training course

3days course that is for trainer who want to become a JGAP auditor


Guidance and training for GLOBALG.A.P. and FDA-GAP

We provide guidance and training for Global G.A.P. which is de facto standard at Europe, and FDA-GAP which is essential for food export to the U.S.


Guidance on GAP guidance and second-party audit of raw material production areas of distribution companies and food manufacturers

We support introduction / guidance and two-party audit of procurement standard set by buyers company. We also provide method to implement at low cost and in a short period of time by partially using JGAP and GLOBAL G.A.P.